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Dating Tips For Bald Men

The simple fact is, bald men are in demand. Things have changed in the last decade, when men we're maybe embarrassed or less confident about being bald or going bald. Now bald men rock a certain look that drives women insane. If you disagree, you need to build your confidence - be proud! Some bald guys already have enough experience in dating, so the dating tips below won't apply, but for those who don't have the experience, read the tips.

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Dating Tips For Bald Men

1. Be confident and proud.
Your bald or balding. Embrace it. Its who you are, so you need to learn to live with it. You need to know that you are not alone and Women love dating bald guys. That's right, I can tell you from experience, women can't get enough of dating bald guys. Women believe bald guys have high testosterone and are more virile… And guys, don't we know it! Lots of people Are bald these days, from famous actors like Samuel L Jackson, The Rock and Vin Diesel to hipsters, who sport the bald head with a beard look.

2. Don't rock a comb over.
Guys, if you're about to start dating and you are losing your hair, its probably best to shave it all short, grade number 1 or 2 on the hair trimmer. Also consider opting for a wet shave and take it all off. Give it a few days to get used to it, before going on your date.

3. Experiment with your new look.
Maybe you've gone for the shaved or short look and don't like it? Don't worry, start growing some stubble, experiment with different lengths of stubble and styles. You may even go for a full beard. Either way, when dating some women love bald men with no facial hair (the smooth look), whilst other women love the more rugged look.

4. Make the first move.
Though you have joined, or thinking of joining single and bald, the bald dates site, Don't wait for the women to come flocking to you. Make the first move, though women now are much more forward than 20 years ago, the saying "the early bird catches the worm!" still rings true.

5. Know that women are sexually attracted to you.
Being bald is mainstream now, gone are the days of comb overs and toupees.

6. Play the field a little.
There are plenty of women out there that want a bald man. Make contact with as many as realistically possible to hedge your bets.

7. Be yourself.
Be genuine, not only to yourself, but to the woman you've met or are about to meet. Start any potential relationship off on the right foot by being open and honest.

8. Be patient.
If you've contacted some women and not heard anything back, contact some more. If you have had no success on a date, use it as an experience, and get back out there! Every date makes you stronger and better equipped for the next date.