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Dating A Bald Man

For women, singleandbald is a great place to meet bald men, we have a large database of bald guys who are looking for friendship and romance. Join free now and browse profiles in your postcode... Meet someone special today!

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Dating A Bald Man.

If your female and have just discovered single and bald or have been recommended you use it, congratulations and lucky you!

Bald guys are just the same as any other guy, though they may have a few unique qualities other guys don't share. The most notable

More of a bang in the bedroom department. Sorry, but we need to be frank here, Scientist believe that very high levels of testosterone are present in bald men. While low levels of testosterone is linked to lower libido.

Don't worry about your hair care items going missing. Not having hair means your man will not be in the shower for too long. You won't be arguing over him using your shampoo and conditioner. The money a bald guy saves on hair care, he'll be able to spend on you.

Its cool to be bald. Being bald in 2016 is cool and all the rage, being bald is unique and he'll stand out against the competition for all the right reasons.

A bald man looks manlier - this one depends on your view point, but if you want evidence of it, take a walk through a busy train station, or go to a bar. Watch an action movie, all the bald guys stand out as being manlier.

Pay more attention to other assets - having long hair, or funky, styled hair detracts from other assets. With a bald guy, you are drawn to a smile, his eyes, a facial expression or simply how he holds himself.